Workshops, classes and talks

I also run various workshops in Andover and for local businesses and have also given talks to healthcare summits and local groups.

For businesses local to Andover I have competitive half and full day rates for workshops or talks for up to 150 people with no travel costs.

My brand new meditation classes in Andover are available to book now!! Here’s what to expect:

  • 45min guided meditation and mindfulness classes
  • Small groups of up to 5 people
  • Suitable for beginners and those who want to develop their practice
  • Different focus each week such as self compassion or calming anxiety so that you can experience the range of mental health benefits of mindfulness
  • Only £15 per class


I am able to deliver talks on mental health that can cover a range of topics. My specialist area is anxiety and so talks can range from presenting research to practical tips and exercises that can help people manage anxiety as it comes up. I also enjoy presenting on why it is we experience anxiety and help attendees understand the process by which anxiety can feel out of control.


The workshops I run are great for smaller groups of people where we can explore what anxiety means to different people and go through worksheets to better understand how we think, feel and act when anxiety is taking hold. The aim of these is to give attendees practical support that they can take into their daily lives whether that is work or at home.

Online events

The pandemic has changed the way that we work and we have all had to adapt to a new “normal”. Talks and workshops can all be run online and delivered in full with pdf handouts provided.

If you would like to book Siobhan for a talk or workshop then please fill out the form below.